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The Trumpet Shall Sound

Revealing the beautiful and dramatic side of the trumpet, live in concert and online.


Featuring stunning unheard compositions by Judith Bingham OBE and Diana Burrell, UK premieres by Florence Price and Camille Pepin and virtuosic live performances by Parisians Betsy Jolas and Camille Pepin.

The repertoire has been chosen to showcase music that isn’t heard regularly and should be!

Jo has selected music to reflect the times we live in: a suite of hymns prepared by Vaughan Williams to give hope and bring people together in times of distress, music by civil rights activists Margaret Bonds and Undine Smith Moore and unknown gems by Imogen Holst and Lucie Vellere.

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Jo Harris began her career by founding a ground breaking female trumpet ensemble Bella Tromba.

Over 15 years the ensemble developed innovative repertoire and developed a unique performance style that has engaged audiences of all ages.

Alongside her continuing work with Bella tromba, Jo has reached out to other musicians with a shared passion for communicating to audiences and is delighted to play alongside stella artists Lucy Russell, Anneke Scott, Alexandra Mackenzie and Althea Wray.

Utilising her skills in planning and programming and extending her passion for performing new music, Jo Harris conceived a series that would grow from a solo, to a duo, to a quartet, to an octet and then to a 16 piece chamber orchestra performing at the Royal Albert Hall.

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The Trumpet Shall Sound: News
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Live from the Royal Albert Hall

UK PREMIERE Camille Pepin (b.1990)                   Avant les clartés de l’aurore  (2020) 9’

Elizabeth Maconchy (1907 -1994)                          Narration for solo cello (1984) 8’

Betsy Jolas (b 1926)                                                   Quatuor VII (Afterthoughts) (2018) 10’

Vaughan Williams (1872–1958)                              Household Music (1943) 16’

The Trumpet Shall Sound: Welcome
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