The best piece ever...

What is the best piece of music ever written?

Do you have a favourite piece? Sometimes when strangers find out I am a musician they ask me what my favourite piece is. There seems to be a trend for competitions and top ten lists at the I mean I love Mahler and Rachmaninov but Gesualdo and Birtwistle works for me too.

I do, this might sound a little dramatic, have a piece I would like to die to! This artistic achievement really does have heavenly qualities. I find joy, a resolution of all of life’s woes, childlike playfulness and (just to dumb down for a moment) some bloody good moments for the trumpet.

I had the good fortune to play this piece a few weeks ago with the Brandenburg Sinfonia at St James Piccadilly. The awesome Neil Brough was playing principal trumpet and it was pure nourishment for the soul.

So, if you really do want a recommendation, here it is….. the best piece of music to die to ever. …. J.S. Bach’s Mass in B Minor. Don’t wait to the end to experience it though!

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